The Benefits of Automated Flagging

Road closures can be both annoying and a little scary, especially when there is another person on the road flagging you down and having you go to a different road. Annoying because it’s often a detour that you didn’t plan for, and scary because you need to move a bit faster while also not hitting anyone working on the road. That’s something that will cause anyone to grip the wheel a little tighter and coast through the detour without the risk of hitting anyone or anything.

However, there is a new Automated flagger that could solve the problem for both drivers and workers. The flagger works like you’d expect, with flashing lights, a warning flag, and flashing directions that send drivers around where the construction is happening. They can be remote controlled by a worker from a short distance away and are easily moved and removed by hand when construction is either moved or finished.

This eliminates the danger of having someone stand on the road and manually flag drivers to a stop, or have to make the same motions or repeat the same gestures over and over again for every three cars. Instead, the automated flagger can do it all without mistakes or hassle, and every driver will be able to see the directions and where they are supposed to go, stop, or slow down for the safety of the workers and other drivers.

Automated flagger

Since it is so easy to set up and learn to use, it’s ideal for long periods of working activity and construction where a detour will be needed for the next few days. So if you are working in construction and have the unfortunate job of standing out in a busy street to deflect cars, then maybe outsourcing a job to a machine isn’t the worst idea.